😑 is my favorite emoji!
  1. Let's start with the beginning of the year...
  2. I walked in class and there she was, my ex best friend...😑 We literally awkwardly smiled at each other and sat down. (luckily we didn't sit at the same table.)
  3. Not only did I have a class with a person I hate but also I have that class EVERYDAY. cries.
  4. I guess I don't hate her, just dislike? but anyways it's really awkward! (my life is literally the Taylor swift song without a guy.."she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers!😑🎼")
  5. Then there my 'friend,' who don't really talk to me so it's just awkwardly quiet and when she does it's about the homework or assignment or about another class! Wow what a great conversation!
  6. This is not the only reason I hate chemistry oh no! I just sadly hate everyone in that class! (I'm sorry for being that annoying complaining person..but hey this is a rant!)
  7. In class we don't do much so everyone just decides to talk REALLY loud and do the stupidest things EVER!! Such as:
  8. 1. after a test the 3 people behind me decides to sing...like what that hell this ain't choir!
  9. 2. a group of guys think it would be cool to throw random crap like pencils and balled up paper across the room into the trash can... they have never made it in.😑
  10. 3.the table next to me just pulled out a container of guacamole and chips and now their having a fiesta! what is this class...
  12. 5.my "friend" never talks to me unless she has a question and then this semester a new girl came to our class and they're basically bffs... allll byyy myyy seellff don't wanna be alll byyy myyy seellf
  13. I guess maybe it's just my introvertness showing through or the fact that I'm just done with life by the last class of the day but man that class just annoys me!
  14. And maybe I'm boring for not having a "fun" class, but after a week I was done with all the idiotic chaos going on. Literally, I'm pretty sure our teacher gave up on us.