I'm going to start off by saying sorry for writing this at 3am. And congrats on successfully stalking me!
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    Hi, my name is Ayushi and I only need one true gift from you! I don't even care if this is the only thing you decide to give me.
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    Now compared to the other people who signed up for this unofficial secret santa, I watch way too many unrealistic criminal shows to be adventurous enough to be 100% or even 86% okay with giving my address to a complete stranger.
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    All I want from you should be the gift of not hurting the state of my life right now! I would like you to PLEASE not murder me, stalk me, kidnap me,explode me with a bomb and anything along those lines! Thank You!
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    I'm literally begging you, please don't let me be the person on the news with the headline 'girl murdered from a global secret santa'!
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    I know I already seem like a horrible insanely protective person, but I honestly love the warm feeling and excitement this Secret Santa thing is giving me! It's like a large secret that none of my real life friends know of! Finally if you don't know where to start here's a few things I like!
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    I love handmade items from candles to art pieces. My favorite things include Criminal Minds, candy, bohemian decor, tumblr posts, journals and Matthew Grey Gubler (yes I know I'm obsessed with dr.reid).
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    Also I would love if you would sent a letter about who you are, and I think another thing I would enjoy is a item from you local area like something that has a cool meaning to your town or country!
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    Okay,I feel like I wrote a whole story but I'm just overall way too excited for this to actually happen, and I'm overly joyed with the holiday spirit going around this little social media platform! Anyways happy holidays to you and hope you enjoy your day!πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„
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    p.s. thanks to @ChrisK for setting this amazing thing up!