officially turned 30, almost 3 weeks ago. but things popped up in my mind just today. it takes 3 weeks for me to have this post-20s-syndrome
  1. in 15 years you're going to be 45
  2. being 45 means you are old. when I say old, it means OLD.
  3. you were 15, fifteen years ago.
  4. yeah I know you can remember everything happened back then clearly.
    like it was 10 minutes ago. no, maybe 2 years ago.
  5. you still can recall the shoes that your first crush were wearing.
    and yes, it was 18 years ago? 19?
  6. check your skincare products. anti aging kinda stuffs? you need it.
  7. you can't sing along to 8 out of 10 songs on this week's Billboard chart.
    like who the hell is Shawn Mendez
  8. babytalk-ing is just not that cute anymore
  9. moneytalk
    and it is THAT "cute"
  10. you will choose to wear J'adore Dior rather than Vera Wang's Princess during the day
  11. and Paco Rabbane's Lady Million instead of Burberry Beat for the night
  12. urged to be so decisive
    by yourself
  13. what's inside your head, your heart, your look, your bank account, your business card, your network: SYNCED!
    theoritically speaking
  14. you feel sleepy all the time
    even after a 16 straight hours sleep
  15. so much to do
    so little time
  16. living in very fast lane. you hardly pace your own breath
  17. avoiding mini skirt deliberately