1. ❤️ This lil red heart is always my #1 emoji because I always send it out to my friends, my parents, and literally everyone I know. I swear I use it like 20 times a day
  2. 😎 I love how sly and mysterious this lil guy is
  3. 🎃 October is my absolute favorite month because the leaves change, it's the beginning of sweater weather, and my birthday. This lil Jack-o-lantern summarizes all of that
  4. 👑+🐝 These two are always in my "Recents" because I'm always talking about the queen of the world: Queen Bey
  5. 🌸 I love this emoji because it reminds me of my friends. For whatever reason we've kind of adopted it as a symbol of all of us
  6. 🍕 I'd say this one is pretty self-explanatory