All of these movies here have been an experience more than a movie. Each of these have changed my perspective on life.
  1. Can't Buy Me Love (1987)
    the style of this movie like many others catches my interest in ways more than one. the love development throughout the story and the meaning really is my favorite part. the actors and actresses in this movie bring the best touch to the movie. can't buy me love changed the way I look at the journey of love and life.
  2. Silver Linings Playbook
    the most meaningful and insightful movies i have ever watched is Silver Linings Playbook. the overall screenplay I find intriguing. the story is just a masterpiece in itself. i find joy watching it every time. movies like this give me a new piece of optimism. i am beyond happy i watched this movie because it gave me a new vision of life & different types of people.
  3. Furious 7
    i am a rapid lover of the whole fast and the furious franchise. the way the movie ended made me cry even after i left the movies. listening to see you again made me cry because of Paul Walker. the way family is just so beautifully displayed in these movies is just the most incredible thing ever.
  4. The Proposal
    this movie is another one in which i love the love development. the humor in this movie gets me every time. one of my favorites to watch when i just need a little laugh.
  5. Brick Mansions
    this kick ass movie starts off with a bang and doesn't stop there. i totally recommend this movie if you are feeling the powerful, strong, brick building jumping mood!
  6. Breakfast At Tiffany's
    a classic like this can't ever be denied. the undeniable romance and meaning of this movie is truly amazing. the feelings these characters hide that eventually comes out in the most beautiful way possible.
  7. Love, Actually
    the connecting stories these characters have is the most wonderful thing ever! i love the continuous humor in at least every aspect of this movie. the love in the end is crazy amazing.
  8. Maid In Manhattan
    a refreshing turn to the big apple is the best way to have a movie night alone, especially with Jennifer Lopez & Ralph Fiennes. i literally get so hype when this movie comes on E! the double life in this movie gives my life.