My Biggest Fears

a list of very (semi) serious things I'm very afraid of
  1. the human body and all of its functions
  2. any time an adult male raises his voice even a little bit, even if he's joking
  3. the deep sea and all the things that are living down there
  4. those postcards from the 30's that had pictures of lynchings on them/lynching in general
  5. the idea of seeing/meeting zayn while wearing an ugly outfit and I won't make a good impression on him
  6. outer space
  7. having to go back to my first ex because no one else will ever love me
  9. eternal, crippling loneliness
  10. that apocalypse theorists are actually right and that the world is actually going to experience a horrible cataclysmic ending and I'll be trying to get my family all together as the world erupts in flames