When will I stop with Dolly lists? Never
  1. This photo
    She's so fucking beautiful then and now but there's something about the way she's looking that just makes my heart ache with how much I love her
  2. Her songs that have a big reveal/dramatic moment at the end
    ex: The Man, Chas, The Bridge, Down from Dover, Robert
  3. She's so unapologetically herself
    She's open about having plastic surgery and that she knows people think she looks "cheap" but she loves herself so much anyway and let's those comments roll right off her back
  4. She's had one of the longest country music careers and has dabbled in damn near every type of music
    Holiday, pop, disco, gospel, etc. Honestly when could your fave?
  5. I feel like I've talked about this before but she talked about so many topics that were seen as taboo
    Extramarital affairs, unplanned pregnancy, sexism in the music industry and beyond, the downfalls of the music industry, suicide, institutionalization, poverty???? Like fuck, most artists would never delve into those topics
  6. She's had an incredibly long and loving marriage that most people don't know about because she's so private but she's still so in love with her husband and just!!! Goals!!!!
  7. TL;DR Dolly Parton is a fucking icon and she deserves so much praise it doesn't even make sense literally artists like this only come around every once in a while and I love her the most