today is my 19th birthday!!! which I normally hate but I'm willing to suspend that for the sake of my friends who have planned a ton for me today
  1. it's only 7 AM but it's the best birthday I've had in a while
  2. When my friends came all came into my room with a chocolate cake from whole foods and sang me the Stevie Wonder version of happy birthday
    I've been missing my parents a lot and I told them my dad always sings it to me on my birthday
  3. When my mother woke up at the time of my actual birth to text me this morning
  4. When I talked to my 6 year old brother on the phone at 6AM this morning when he was barely awake and he told me to have the best day ever and that I'm the best sister he's ever had
    Ignore the fact that I'm the only sister he's ever had
  5. Bonus: when my dad almost cried while we talked on the phone because he said I sounded the happiest I have in a long time