Conversely titled: Things I've been told that did more harm than good.
  1. "Wear brighter colors, if you wear black all the time, you're not opening your self up to good feelings!"
    I was told this in 10th/11th grade while sitting on my couch trying to mind my own business by one of my moms good friends. Unsurprisingly, it didn't help and I hate that woman a lot.
  2. "If you just... Think positively, you won't want to die. Push those negative thoughts out!"
    Here's the thing about this piece of "advice". Do neurotyprical people think that we like ~love~ depression??? Like don't you think if we could "push those negative thoughts out" we could have done it already?
  3. "You just have to embrace happiness."
    An extension of number 2. Like ? Don't you think I've tried you piece of shit?
  4. "You know, you have so many good things in your life, you have no reason to be "depressed."
    This isn't even advice, this is just something someone said to me unprovoked.
  5. "Have you tried meditation? It really helps me when I'm sad!"
    Someone told me this when I wanted to get on antidepressants. 2 things about this. Being sad does not equal depressed. Also, no one asked. Also 2x no one fucking asked.
  6. "You cutting yourself doesn't help anything."
    Also not advice. Another thing I was told while trying to mind my own business.
  7. TL;DR - stop giving people advice they don't want/didn't ask for!!!