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  1. Fountain of Youth // Local Natives
    Rainy days in the Boston public library
  2. Ode to Sleep // Twenty One Pilots
    Going for a run in CT
  3. Where You Are // Moana
    Baking cookies in that tiny apartment with @Schmidiot
  4. I Can't Help Myself // Four Tops
    I can't listen to this song. It makes me physically nauseous when I hear it but I don't remember why
So rude!!
  1. Don't use blinkers
  2. Don't let people off the bus before getting on
  3. Don't put a new roll of toilet paper when the old one runs out/ put it on with the paper coming from the bottom
I just really love ice cream. Follow my Instagram @icecreamisthecure for more of my ice cream adventures!
  1. The Penny Ice Creamery
    Santa Clara, CA
  2. Belly Good Cafe & Crepes
    San Francisco, CA
  3. Super Duper
    San Francisco, CA
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Such a weird combination of things
  1. 1.
    El Pez Arco Iris
  2. 2.
    Un Caso Grave de Rayas
  3. 3.
    Where the Wild Things Are
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I highly recommend this podcasts! "An advice show for the modern era." It's 3 brothers (Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy) that answer questions sent in by listeners or on yahoo answers. It's hilarious!
  1. What's the difference between anorexic and balsamic?
    Episode 17
  2. How do I get help with the legalization of zoophile marriage?
    Episode 19
  3. Does the blood of Jesus cover the sins of Neanderthals too or just Homo sapiens?
    Episode 21
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  1. Jorts that we're 50% bedazzled
  2. A man wearing a suit and a green fanny pack
  3. Football jersey tucked into extremely high waisted khaki shorts
Is he even real?? Requested by @Schmidiot
  1. "🎶You must always stop at the stop sign! That's the Orange rectangle🎶"
  2. "I don't shave on boats. The altitude makes the shaving cream weird"
  3. "A philosopher is a fossil made out of falafel"
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  1. April 30 (L 2-5)
    Within 24 hours of coming back home I went to a game haha. I went with my brother and we got the StubHub move of the game so they upgraded our seats!! So much fun!
  2. May 12 (W 3-2)
    WHAT. A. GAME. 17 innings and it ended in a walk-off home run by my fave Buster Posey! Best game I've been to. It was 5.5 hours long so we basically got two for the price of one.
  3. June 23 (L 4-11)
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