I kinda never got around to this. Inspired by everyone
  1. Hi! I'm Taliza!
    That's me eating my first snow man because I don't actually have pictures of myself?
  2. I'm from San Francisco
    Beach pic!
  3. I'm studying to be a Mechanical Engineer in Boston
    School is hard
  4. My family owns a chips and salsa company
    Casa Sanchez Foods! Check us out if you're in California/some west coast states. Thanks @Schmidiot for the gif
  5. I love Baseball
    And all sports. Go Giants!
  6. And ice cream
    3rd time this week whoo!
  7. And TV
    So many shows. Currently: Veep, Arrested Development, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  8. And Music
    That's HAIM killing it at Boston Calling
  9. I swim a lot
    Currently it's water polo but I did racing pretty much my whole life and synchronized swimming for 10 years
  10. Looking to add to my tattoo collection
  11. I guess that's it!