Aka my favorite meal
  1. Sauce:
    Some tomatillos, a jalapeño (remove the seeds for a milder sauce) and a garlic clove. Heat up with water until it's boiling and the tomatillos change color.
  2. Blend and add sour cream to taste.
  3. Enchiladas:
    Boil chicken and shred
  4. Heat up some tortillas
  5. Put about 1/3 of the sauce on the pan and start wrapping the enchiladas. You can do it on a separate plate but we like to do it in the pan so it's extra saucy and it's easier.
  6. Add chicken to the tortillas
  7. Then cheese to taste
  8. Roll them up and keep going
  9. Mmmmmmm
  10. Pour the rest of the sauce on top
  11. Cheese to taste (we love cheese)
  12. Cook at 375 F until the cheese is gooey and the sauce is bubbling (10-15 min). I forgot to take a picture before we started devouring
  13. Enjoy! We like to eat it with rice but we accidentally burned it today 😬