They're all from baking. Requested by @Schmidiot
  1. That one time I went to my friends apartment and I was making caramel but the pan was too hot and when I put the butter in it caught fire and the fire alarm went off for a good 10 minutes
  2. I was making cookies but I didn't have cocoa powder so I used hot chocolate mix instead. Would not recommend
  3. The instructions for some cookies were confusing and I thought it said 1.5 sticks of butter but it just said .5 and I took the cookies out of the oven and it was a flat sheet of disgusting with a layer of butter on top
  4. I wanted to make a layered strawberry cake but I didn't realize you had to cut the top of the cake off after you bake it to make it flat. So the cake stood up for about 5 minutes then kept tipping and eventually fell over
  5. I was making cupcakes and I had enough batter for maybe 4 or 5 more cupcakes but I didn't want to wait another 30 minutes for those and I didn't want to throw away the batter. So I put the rest of it in the tins, which were already very full. When I took them out it looked like a cake from the top because all the cupcakes baked into each other
  6. I dropped the cake tin in the over when I was trying to put it in. Not a fun time cleaning that up
  7. I was heating up chocolate in the microwave and I didn't realize I had to stir the chocolate after each time increment so I kept looking at the chocolate and nothing was happening so I assumed it wasn't melting. It over cooked and turned hard and really weird
  8. I used a bowl that was too small and when I turned the beater on everything went flying through the kitchen