The reason I am dead inside. Inspired by @Schmidiot
  1. Every year Northeastern does a 24 hour scavenger hunt around the Boston area.
  2. It's super competitive and only the top 50 teams of 12 get to compete.
    There's a 24 hour quiz to even qualify for the hunt. 50 sounds like a lot but I've heard that around 200 teams take the quiz but don't quote me on that
  3. This year it was Harry Potter themed!!!
    Our team name was Fantastic Beasts and We Know Where to Find Them
  4. The basic rules were: no cars (walking/running, bikes, public transportation okay), if you go off campus you must have at least 3 people, the scar must be drawn on your forehead, and the official shirt must be visible
  5. One of the clues we needed to solve to even get started
    We were then given a package with a bunch of clues and tasks
  6. We had to decipher 200 clues that were written in Webdings font
    Considering putting "expert Webdings translator" or something on my resume
  7. An example of some clues
    They separated us into each of the four houses and only certain people could do certain tasks
  8. They had hourly snapchat filters at random locations around Boston
    This was at Faneuil Hall
  9. They had challenges where they'd messages us all a location and how many team members need to participate and the fastest teams (usually 8-20 teams) get to participate
    I loved running across campus at 2 AM to find out you were team 17 of 16.
  10. They tried to make the challenges reflect Harry Potter
    Ex: quidditch, find our kidnapped teammate (Goblet of Fire), riddles to get to Diagon Alley, find they key (Sorcerer's Stone), etc
  11. We had to make crafts
    Ex: Hogwarts Express ticket, Hogwarts acceptance letter, golden snitch, wands, etc
  12. And videos
    Ex: Fat Lady singing, Lestrange laugh, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, epic wand fight, etc
  13. They had social media challenges throughout the hunt
    Ex: describe Harry Potter only using emojis (pictured), tell a friend what you're looking forward to at Hogwarts, etc
  14. There were mandatory checkpoints with more clues so by the end of the hunt we had 600+ clues
  15. The committed few!
    We were the only 3 that stayed up for the whole 24 hours of the hunt. You can tell we're dead
  16. This is my favorite picture
    Everything about it is a mess
  17. Our friend Niko fell asleep on the T
    To be fair this was like hour 32 of being awake
  18. This was our team at the end of the hunt
  19. Glad I did this. Probably would do it again! It was wild but it was fun!
    Except I'm trying not to fall asleep at work and can't feel any part of my body because I'm so sore