Oh, the memories! If any of you ever did synchro feel free to add on!
  1. Putting jello in your hair
  2. Glitter everywhere
  3. Chlorine in your eyes
  4. Not being able to listen to certain songs because you listened to them everyday for 2 hours for a whole year
  5. Finding bruises in really obscure places
  6. People asking if you wear "those funny hats"
  7. Pretending to be happy when you're really dying on the inside and haven't been able to feel your legs for the past 2 minutes
  8. Really obscure tan lines
    Once I had a robot routine and our suits had gears on them with mesh and I had gear tan lines for like 2 weeks
  9. Losing your nose clip in the middle of the routine and getting 5000 gallons of water up your nose
    So many tears