Requested by @BWN_7
Thank you @BWN_7 for asking! There are so many but I guess this is my favorite. It's just too funny. Maybe just to me.
  1. My brother was cutting the tassels off our pillows
  2. And he accidentally cut his leg. It was not a large cut. Maybe an inch long
  3. So we both panicked. We were calling out for our parents but they were responding so we thought they might be downstairs
  4. My older brother was watching tv on the couch not doing anything
  5. My brother was fully capable of walking but I didn't want anything to happen so I carried him downstairs
    Like half of him. He's only two years younger
  6. Nobody was down there
  7. So I carry him back upstairs and it turns out my moms car was gone and my dad was in the shower
  8. So we knock on the door yelling so my dad jumps out of the shower
  9. And we're both panicking and we show him my brothers leg
  10. And he looks at us like we're the dumbest kids in the world
  11. So my dad is helping my brother patch up his cut and I'm worried thinking my parents are gonna get mad at my brother for cutting the tassels
    Which they should have been
  12. So I take the scissors and throw them under my brothers bed without washing them or anything
  13. So my mom gets back and they ask what happened and my brother and I just look at each other and make stuff up
  14. Then they find blood on the floor which led them to find the scissors and we explain it to them as were crying from the guilt
  15. And they just start laughing
  16. I like this because it accurately sums up my family
  17. UPDATE: My brother just informed me that he had to poop the whole time this was happening