Sorry I'm so late!!! I pretty much like anything so I'm just gonna name some things I like? And if you already got something (bc you're not a mess like me) that is a-okay! Ignore this list.
  1. If you're into crafts please make me something! I love homemade gifts!
  2. Space
    Any space related stuff will make me cry tears of joy
  3. Food
    It's a lifestyle. Like any and all food.
  4. Books
    I'm always looking for new books to read! If you have a favorite book please give me some recs!
  5. Music
    Got a favorite artist? Send it over! Got a playlist? Hit me up!
  6. I like painting!
    I usually do acrylic
  7. A donation in my name
    Preferably to Planned Parenthood or American Immigration Council
  8. Something cool from where you live!
  9. I'm also a big on jokes so any funny or weird gifts would be cool!
  10. Sorry this is super vague
    There's no going wrong
  11. Quick update: I won't be home until December 23 and I probably won't be able to open it until Christmas!