1. My mom dropped me or I fell when I was a baby and I now have a small dent on my forehead
  2. One night I went to my parents' room crying and they got really worried. But I was crying because I forgot how to sleep and they looked at me like I was crazy
  3. I was in preschool and my mom thought a girl was walking towards me to give me a hug but she bit my cheek instead
  4. The first time I wore jeans was in second grade and I had to pee so I went to the bathroom but I couldn't unbuckle them so I had to run back to the classroom and ask my teacher to unbuckle them for me in front of the whole class
    I didn't wear jeans again until 7th grade because it was so traumatizing
  5. When I was 8 my brother told me he would give me $10 if I peed my pants. So I went to the bathroom and peed in the tub. And we I showed him he didn't believe me and thought I just turned the shower on to make it look like I peed myself
    He still owes me that money
  6. My brother had a birthday party at an amusement park and all of a sudden a bunch of bees started flying by and bugs love me. So my parents protected me and got me as far away as possible and I was still the only one in the whole group to get stung
  7. When I was 10 I entered a contest to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest and won a free (virgin) piña colada. And since the bar was poolside I was swimming along with my drink. But I accidentally dropped it in the pool so I started scooping the parts I can see on to the deck with the cup and proceeded to swim away and tell no one
  8. My dad had us come up with our own nicknames when we were younger and I went with Butterfly Coke
    He reminds me of this all the time
  9. My mom was teaching me how to ride a bike on a tennis court and she let me go and I was about to bike into the pole and she didn't teach me how to turn. So I quickly turned the bike hit my eye on the handle and fell over
    I refuse to learn how to ride a bike after this
  10. I cried the first time I lost monopoly and I wasn't even old enough to know what was going on