1. Getting tired after two minutes is the same thing as getting tired after five minutes except it’s less time.
  2. No elbows on the table! It's not classy enough!
  3. Odin is the Nick Fury of Asgard.
  4. Busses are the whales of the ocean.
  5. I'm the best at math. I already got my masters in degree.
  6. I know 99% of everything in the world, and you know .1%
  7. I don't know the answer, I just know the answer.
  8. Nutella is not food. It's a utensil.
  9. You know how rain is pee from the clouds? Well snow is diarrhea and hail is poop.
  10. A fire can't start without a fire.
  11. Apes are not human. Bugs are human.
  12. The American ocean is the third most ocean.
  13. I accidentally tore the social security number off that dollar.
  14. I didn't know people from Egypt speak British.
  15. I am the supreme overload!
  16. Keep up the paste!
  17. I'm one out of one for best motivators in the world.
  18. I want to be a turtle when I die.