The Stages of Being Cheated On, Through Daenerys Targaryen Pics

  1. You and Bae beforehand
    But lowkey knowing there's trouble on the horizon, because you're psychic like that.
  2. Being told
  3. Your reaction
    A mixture of anger, disbelief, and sadness
  4. Finding out more details from mutual friends
  5. Dumping their ass on the spot
    Knowing it's for the best (but still being sad)
  6. With patience and willpower, finally getting rid of everything that reminds you of them
  7. Realizing only one thing can help now
  8. Staying in bed all day, watching Netflix and eating
    But using the time between episodes to reflect and grow as a person (or drink)
  9. Noticing you feel a little better
    But still being sad, because you're human.
  10. Looking in the mirror after some time of this
  11. Going out for the first time again
    What, are these things, real pants? Shoes?? A brush?¿ God forbid, makeup¿¿
  12. Getting your social mojo back
  13. Getting that inevitable "I miss you" text
  14. Having flashbacks to the happier times
  15. Snapping out of it, ignoring their dumb ass
  16. Healing with time & separation
  17. Getting that second "I miss you" text
  18. Curbing their ass, once again with grace and dignity
  19. Meeting a potential new love interest
  20. Reflecting on how far you've come
  21. Getting *another* "let's hang out" text
  22. Knowing that chapter of your life is completed, and you're onto bigger/better things