Saturday daytrip: Vancouver to Vegas and back

  1. mt. rainier spotted..?
  2. 11am i've arrived. slot machines all over the aiport. lots of hungover looking people
  3. did not know there was a hooters casino and hotel
  4. signs on buildings
  5. cars whose sole purpose is to be a traveling billboard
  6. looking at hotels that try to look like they are not hotels
  7. oh wait I'm in new york oh uh dammit no I'm in las vegas
  8. ice cream though
  9. wat
  10. shake shack first experience
  11. dog treats (FORESHADOWING HERE)
  12. where the frats go
  13. uh huh
  14. not pictured: empty desert on all sides
  15. compensating for egyptianness with a 'merican flag
  16. take a tram instead of walking 300m!
  17. sports!!!!! and gambling
  18. house of cards and friends slot machines, feel like youre really part of the shows!
  19. ok back to airport, its 1pm
  20. sending someone a photo to identify me
  21. also a photo of my surroundings
  22. i meet my new puppy and she is the best
  23. miniature american shepherd
  24. she is sleepy from the 2 hour drive from utah to las vegas airport, then the stress of security and stuff
  25. hanging out on the plane
  26. peeking out on the plane
  27. back in Vancouver, meeting haley
  28. thanks to Laurel at Bertrom's Miniature American Shepherds i have the sweetest puppy ever