1. Lynn canyon hike
    Pretty hike and if you're up for it you can go for a dip too! Free suspension bridge, whereas Capilano is pricey
  2. Sushi
    Go to Denman and Robson street and walk south, pick the restaurant of your choosing. When you're done, continue waking south, grab an ice cream and relax at English bay
  3. Walk or bike around the seawall in Stanley Park
    This one is obvious! You can't miss it. Pick up your bike at the convention center. Gelato nearby at Bella Gelateria is the best in town, but expect a line.
  4. Take the seabus to Lonsdale Quay and have lunch there, visit shops
    Gets you out of downtown
  5. Walk from Main and Terminal (Main St skytrain) south until you arrive at Shameful Tiki for some amazing cocktails
    Stop at shops, restaurants, cafes, breweries along the way. Can give more advice when time comes!
  6. Walk down Commercial Drive from the Skytrain station, heading North, eat at a restaurant of your choosing on the way (tons of great options!), breweries, gelato (this is historically an italian and portuguese street)
  7. Walk from downtown over the Burrard bridge over to Kits beach on a sunny day
  8. Queen Elizabeth park gardens
    Beautiful, this is just off Main st, right by Shameful Tiki, so you might want to pair these.
  9. Walk from downtown over to Granville Island (across Granville bridge) on a sunny day
    Lively market, shops, a brewery, distillery, ferries back to downtown, fish shops, boat rentals
  10. Shopping & people watching on Robson street
  11. Shopping & people watching & eating & cafes & drinking in Gastown
    Steamclock is sorta dumb but people seem to love it
  12. Wander through Chinatown and observe the gentrification
    Sweet, sweet gentrification
  13. Drive to Whistler, walk around it, drive back
    Beautiful drive, nice little town full of Australians. If you don't care to go all the way there, stop at the sea to sky gondola in Squamish, soooo cool. Actually yeah that's probably better than Whistler, see photo.
  14. Grouse mountain
    Athletic? Do the infamous grouse grind. Otherwise just take the gondola up and enjoy the view of the city.
  15. Richmond night market
    Asian night market with all sorts of interesting food and rip off merchandise. It's good fun! Vancouver has a massive chinese population, especially in Richmond. Easy to get to this from the skytrain.
  16. Museum of Anthropology
    Some neat stuff that is very specific to the native people of the region, worth following along one of the guided tours if you go.
  17. Vancouver Aquarium
    If you like this kind of thing.
  18. Walk from downtown around false creek and back across Cambie bridge
    Science world! Olympic village! Stop at Tap and Barrel for a snack and drink with a view