The coffee kind, not the European beer and coffee and food and whatever kind
  1. Static
    Crepes too, yum
  2. Static
    Actually more interested in the sandwiches than coffee here
  3. Static
    Coffee here is nothing special and not a fan of the place in the summer as it's too dark, but great place to hang out in the winter
  4. Static
    Great espresso and donuts
  5. Static
    Peach oatmeal muffin and americano
  6. Static
    Excellent espresso, also cold brew on tap
  7. Static
    Tasty baked goods and pour over
  8. Static
    Have to mention it, it's good. Not a fan of snacks though. Crowded too.
  9. Static
    Commercial Dr. location is by far the best
  10. Static
    Always have a hard time getting a seat though :/