.. during my most recent trip
  1. sausage adam and eve
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  2. warning
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  3. tophat
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  4. 😍
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  5. bag sign
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  6. kind of a sign - a menu. not so weird but more a nice way to show different kinds of coffee
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  7. i think you mean hangover cure
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  8. not my kind of place
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  9. j novak, so close @bjnovak
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  10. :Q
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  11. :S
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  12. german signs, so precise, floor 3.0
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  13. this guy was doing this on every billa sign in prague, what does it mean, anyone?
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  14. looks analog
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  15. too many holes
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  16. enjoy, meat eaters
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  17. breaded cheese is a thing
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