#bernieorbust thoughts

there have been a lot lists circulating on this app attacking #bernieorbust politics. I agree with a lot of what they are saying. but even if you don't support it, there are reasons to take the movement seriously
  1. antiestablishmentarianism
    Hillary has been a democrat for a long time. Bernie hasn't - he ran as an independent from 1979 to 2015. Hillary represents more or the same and Bernie represents a move toward dramatic change. if you're voting for Bernie because you hate the establishment, it makes sense that you can't stomach Hillary. electing her would only cement the status quo.
  2. Bernie is more connected to voters
    his grassroots campaigning is undeniably amazing. Hillary has Wall Street money. who do you think they'll work for, in the White House? this isn't a dig at Hillary specifically, but establishment politics generally. which she represents.
  3. polls show that Bernie had a better chance of beating trump than Hillary
    polls are notoriously biased. no one really knows who is a better opponent to trump. but it kind of makes sense. some Bernie supporters may be too extreme to back Hillary. but I doubt that Hillary enthusiasts would write in Hillary in a trump/Bernie election.
  4. lots of #bernieorbust people are not democrats
    they were registered independents who became democrats to vote for Bernie in the primaries (like me!). typically, they have radical politics that are fundamentally antiestablishment
  5. a shift away from Obamas legacy
    Hillary has outright said she wants to continue in the Obama way. including his horrible policies on drone strikes, the war on drugs, income inequality, unlawful surveillance, a pro-Israel approach and lack of legal action against Wall Street. many, quite reasonably, find this morally reprehensible
  6. a leftist influence on the moderate democratic establishment
    in the same way the tea party is on the republicans. in a real democracy, we would have at least four parties; the tea party, republicans, democrats, and progressives. but this is the best we can get in our corrupt system (our textbook plutocracy).
  7. the DNC has been unfair to Bernie
    it's known that the chair of DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, hates Bernie and has done what she can to suppress him. the entire committee has treated Bernie as an extremist obstacle in the way of their preferred candidate. when their candidate is consistently dismissed as unrealistic and irresponsible, it does not endear Bernie supporters to uphold party unity. the DNC has done nothing to inspire loyalty.
  8. Hillary is racist too
    she's not quite as vocal about it as trump, but she's let us know. that "reservation" comment? the "super predator" descriptor? her support for the 1994 crime bill? her continuing support (2008) of the Personal Responsibility Act? participating in the "CPT" joke? the race-motivated attacks on obama in 2008? Hillary is no angel. she pays lip service to the black lives matter movement now, but it took a lot of provocation. Bernie, while an imperfect white man, has a better voting record.
  9. asking them to vote for a candidate who represents everything they despise is intolerable
    this is where I can't be #neverhillary. if it were any other republican nominee, I would write in a third party candidate. I think Hillary is the opposite of what we need to mature and evolve as country. but trump is too dangerous a wild card to play with, for me. some people hold more firmly to their principles. and while that may be stubborn, it's not ignorant. democracy isn't about choosing the least repulsive candidate, it's about standing up for your beliefs
  10. Bernie and Trump are symptoms of unrest, not the causes
    it's not like the rebellion against establishment politics was sparked by these untraditional candidates. it's been brewing for years. people are fed up with our government as it is, and feel unconnected to and manipulated by it. even if Hillary wins, the hot temperature of our current political climate won't cool down. the radicals will have change, sooner or later.
  11. some people want to burn it down
    Bernie would change our country peacefully. trump would be a disaster. both would break the system as we know it. some people are radical enough to prefer a trump-induced chaos, and the likely resulting swing left, to more of the same stagnancy and corruption. this is definitely playing with fire, but we Americans are notoriously reckless and it's worked for us in the past
  12. ultimately, I think it won't be a huge deal
    there will definitely be the contingency that are diehard #neverhillary. but if Bernie is out of the race and all of our attention is focused on trump and Hillary, disgusting Donald will alienate most Bernie supporters. the real influence will be on the DNC scrambling to draw up a platform more representative of American leftists today. which is a necessary change if we are going to progress as a country