best things about diva cups

that u won't see in the blogs
  1. apocalypse readiness
    everyone who menstruates needs one for the end of the world. one lightweight cup can catch ur blood for decades! it also won't poison you if you are too busy surviving to take it out (fuck you, tampons!)
  2. getting to know your vagina
    vaginas are beautiful, mysterious and widely feared. especially by straight ppl. I know so may straight girls who have never explored their own vaginas! with a diva cup, the uneasy will shed their ignorance. they'll be sticking fingers and foreign objects in their vaginas like lesbians in no time. pro tip: cut your fingernails
  3. period science
    we've distanced ourselves from the reality of periods by soaking up the evidence in bleached cotton. how much do u bleed in a day? does the consistency change? does the color change? how do these relate to moon cycles? find out! do the science of your own fertility cycle!
  4. ~ovary gore~
    wanna see how strong menstruating bodies are? accidentally drop your full diva cup on the bathroom floor! it'll look like you survived a bad slasher movie
  5. collecting blood
    did you know that your period is made of <l i f e>? it was intended for a baby u refused to conceive, but that doesn't mean it's useless! if you dilute ur period blood with 4 parts water you make an extremely effective plant fertilizer. give life to your garden! the way God intended