if you don't identify with your sun sign, that's probably because you've got a lot of influences you haven't accounted for. your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant form what astrologers call your top 3.
  1. sun sign
    your sun sign represents how you differentiate yourself from others. it is the conscious identity you form as you grow older, and the most mature state of the sign represents your ideal self. the sun sign is the most popular aspect of the zodiac because people tend to identify with it. but it is highly improbable that a person can identify with every characteristic of a sign; this is because they are many qualifying influences that work more subtly on our characters.
  2. moon sign
    the moon sign manifests as the innate responses a person is born with. it is the innermost self that we keep hidden from all but the people closest to us. it defines a baby's relationship with its parent, and describes the way in which a person gives loves and receives love. the moon rules the subconscious and deep emotion. this is a critical qualifier on the sun sign, and together they form the foundation of personality and self-identity.
  3. ascendant
    the ascendant is the social self. it is represented by the sign that rules the first house of a star chart and is decided by the time of birth. it describes the first impression a person makes and the way in which they act in a group. it's the person you are at a party. the way you make friends. the role you play in your family. it's the self you present to the world. and it's often the way people think of you.