1. Giphy
    psychic. I'm way into astrology and tarot and I'm getting better at palmistry. I would love to do readings professionally. but I think the title 'psychic' is misleading. it's not as much about knowing the future as it is about understanding the present so you might consciously influence the future.
  2. Giphy
    tyrant. tyranny is probably the most effective form of government in terms of efficiency, speed and coherence. it hasn't been employed properly since the ancients. I would never want to live under a tyrant, but I would LOVE to be one.
  3. Giphy
    zookeeper. 100% best job. animals are so smart and beautiful it's overwhelming
  4. Giphy
    performance art. what an inaccessible and self-indulgent job. I'm already an obnoxious reactionary, so I think fit right in with the crowd