thx snapchat
  1. I'm the best
    and I suffer from chronic physical and mental illness. I am honest2God half asleep all the time.
  2. I'm an anarchist
    @NSA @government
  3. I'm a gay
    I'm a queer latinix bby. I use all kinds of labels interchangeably bc I like to think I'm too fluid to be pinned down by any specific identifier. so if I ever contradict myself it's by design. that's just my *~aesthetic~* hmu queer li.st poc
  4. I'm studying to be a librarian
    I like books more than people
  5. grammar is made up and I can do what I want
    all rules are made up and I can do what I want
  6. I'm chaotic neutral
    also a big-time nerd
  7. I'm a witch
    i do astrology, tarot and make herbal teas and tinctures. i don't do curses or spells. tho I do try to cultivate a witchy look
  8. I'm media-obsessed
    I live for music. I also enjoy wasting my precious time in this world on tv.
  9. this cat is my everything
    bow down, bitxhes
  10. li.st is the first social media account that I actually use
    I (obviously) have snapchat but it's radio silence most of the time. I just always felt kinda fake on other platforms. but li.st is fun! be my friend bc I don't have any (except my cat)