for the haters
  1. safe stereotypes
    stereotypes are tricky because they are used to enforce systems of power. but at no time in history has the zodiac been used to oppress; the divisions between the signs are based on mindset, not perceived ability or worth.
  2. interesting way to think about others
    I am pretty shitty at reading other people, until I get to know them well. astrology helps me contextualize someone's reactions without making offensive generalizations. for example, a person's element loosely indicates how a person thinks. and a full chart can suggest nuances in a friend's personality that hadn't occurred to me before.
  3. interesting way to think about yourself
    knowing about your own astrology can help you peek around the obstacle bias presents to self-awareness. you gain a new perspective on your own individuality. you can more easily identify failings and strengths, what's important and what weighs you down. even if you're not convinced that your natal chart reflects your personality, learning how the stars describe you can help you think about how someone else may experience your character.
  4. astrology is fun
    people love talking about themselves, and astrology is a really entertaining way to stimulate conversation. it's more fun, and I think more revealing, than bland small talk like "so where are you from?"
  5. it's made up
    I don't think astrology is baseless; I think the physical conditions surrounding someone's gestation and birth can influence their development. but, ultimately, astrology is something people long dead made up to help them understand our chaotic world. it's kind of like a quasi-theological understanding of human development that simultaneously connects us and validates individuality. and I think there is something uniquely beautiful about looking for meaning in the sky.