you don't have to be out to be proud
  1. national coming out day is real cool for people who are out to celebrate how great being them is
    i'm all for it. building awareness is important work
  2. but a lot of us queers aren't out all the way
    one foot in the closet&&closet forever
  3. for some of us, it's not safe
  4. some of us are still dealing with self hate
    the hardest person to love is yourself
  5. some of us are religious
    for real, some queers have strong faith. stronger than their sexuality. as long as it's freely chosen, this lifestyle is rad.
  6. sometimes the cultural divide is too wide
    the beauty of america is that, for the most part, you can roll in all kinds of circles. so you can have your conservative family group self and your freaky queer friend group self with no contradiction
  7. some of us don't want to
    me. my parents don't need to know that i'm a giant homo. and i do not want to talk about my sex preferences with extended family, gross.
  8. all queers are the best esp closeted ones