reasons not to shave

for the ~•ladies•~
  1. it's supposed to be there
    if it's growing hair, that spot on your body wants to have hair. who are you to say no to your hair follicles?
  2. no razors
    no burn no ingrown hairs no cuts np
  3. it saves you money and time
    it really cuts down on your bathroom ritual and you get to spend the money you save on food 🌮
  4. people think you're cool and political
    when in reality you're just lazy
  5. it's pretty
    this goes for hair on your pits, legs, arms, face and everywhere else. it's certainly not normative beauty, but since when have norms been an adequate measure of reality? women look all kinds of different ways. and hairy ladies are beautiful. don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable, but don't let the small-minded limit your self-expression.