1. this isn't about guns. certainly, the relatively unrestricted access to guns in Florida didn't help. less people would be dead if he didn't have a firearm, particularly an assault weapon. significant gun reform, especially with regard to the types of guns available to citizens, is necessary. like, yesterday.
  2. but people would have still died. at the end of a knife maybe, or a rifle or a hammer or a chainsaw or any other weapon we can think of. while the adage that "guns don't kill people, people do" is misleading and dumb, there is a grain of truth there. bullets killed the LGBTQIA patrons at Pulse, but the hand that pulled the trigger was a terrorist's
    a domestic terrorist's.
  3. this was homegrown terrorism, not an act of ISIS. the shooter was American, born and raised. there is no evidence he communicated with ISIS. he wasn't religious, according to his ex wife and parents. but both say he had expressed homophobic hyper masculinity repeatedly in the past.
    So why did he invoke ISIS? my bet is he did it because there is no organization so hated, no banner more feared in the United States than ISIS. he's a terrorist and the dictionary definition is one who spreads fear. and it worked. he's sown fear into all Americans, not just the LGBTQIA community. he's shifted the focus from trans/homophobic violence to nationalistic violence. but let's be clear- this mass killing was about gay and trans people.
  4. and it's not like ISIS has a monopoly on violent homo/transphobia. Westboro baptist church already came out in support of the shooting, calling it Gods work. LGBTQIA people have been killed in hate crimes consistently throughout United States history. check the Wikipedia.
  5. don't derail the conversation about domestic terrorism and violent homophobia and transphobia by trying to talk about "radical Islam." don't be a trump.
    /don't be an islamophobe. the shooters name, ethnic background and immigrant parents are not enough to legitimize his claim to ISIS. especially in a strategically made 911 call he knew would be played in homes across America on CNN.
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    talking about a ban on Muslim immigration. how is this related to the pulse shooting? it fucking isn't.
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  9. the shooter chose the time and place carefully to target as many people on the vast LGBTQIA spectrum as possible. this wasn't an ordinary night a gay bar. it was the Saturday of PRIDE at the biggest and most poplar gay bar in town. everyone was there, not just the typical gay men partiers who frequent these places year round.
    it was deliberately chosen to impact all members of a small but diverse community. Pulse was a microcosm.
  10. the victims were also overwhelmingly people of color, mostly Latinix LGBTQIA.
    remember that even though we live in a country with gay marriage, Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris, the normalization and acceptance of gay culture is limited to affluent white gays, most commonly rich white gay cismen. for LGBTQIA poc, it is dangerous to be visible in the United States. especially for transpeople of color (particularly transwomen of color.) don't let the popularity of Laverne Cox fool you. your everyday tpoc is harassed routinely. they are the most endangered community.
  11. the shooting happened at Pulse, the largest gay bar around, during Pride. Not in Orlando generally. by calling it the Orlando shooting, as opposed to the Pulse shooting, people imply that the intended victims were the multiplicity of Americans and not specifically LGBTQIA Americans.
    we don't call the Virginia tech shootings the Blacksburg shooting, or Sandy Hook the Newton shooting. the victims were Virginia tech students and sandy hook elementary students. the victims here are the LGBTQIA Pulse patrons
  12. I am so sick of the thousands of posts saying "I'm so worried about my friends/family in Orlando." are your friends and family members of the LGBTQIA community? if not, they are definitely fine. expressing worry over your cishet friends belittles the terror and loss the LGBTQIA community is feeling.
    are your friends/family in Orlando LGBTQIA? I am so sorry. your worry is valid and I hope your loved ones come back to you safely
  13. All of my love and sympathy to Muslim LGBTQIA.
  14. they are slowly being released, but look out for the names of the dead. they are so much more important than the person who killed them.