as a lesbian, these are my top wtfs
  1. "no homo"
    I hope u realize this phrase does not actually take the homo out of your actions
  2. when str8 girls call their besties their girlfriends
    this word belongs to lesbians and bisexual women. don't use it for friends. by connecting it to platonic relationships straight girls are perpetuating a stereotype that lesbian relationships are less serious, less sexual, less romantic etc.
  3. when str8s assume young queer girls are doing it for attention
    there are more effective ways to get attention than identifying with a marginalized group that has never been taken seriously.
  4. when str8s don't believe that femmes are for real lesbians
    lesbians look all kinds of different ways. you don't have to cut your hair short or wear clothes that hide your figure to be a lesbian. lots of lesbians have mermaid hair and wear makeup, tight clothes, short skirts and high heels. some lesbians even hate flannel. 'lesbian' does not have a look. if you're a lesbian, then you look like a lesbian.
  5. when str8s confuse butch and trans
    butches are ladies who present in a traditionally masculine way. transmen are men. it has nothing to do with sexuality, and everything to do with gender
  6. "so are you the boy or the girl?"
    we are both the girl. that's the whole point.
  7. when str8 boys ask me to have a 3some
  8. when str8 boys think we have the same sexuality
    and then try to bond with me through objectifying women. your love of girls ≠ my love of girls.
  9. str8s asking about scissoring
    unsolicited questions about someone's sex life are weird, always. assuming all lesbian sex culminates in scissoring is even weirder.
  10. when str8s (esp boys) say "I love lesbians"
    this always gives me the creeps. fetishizing us is not the same as supporting us. it just makes me think you watch a lot of porn of str8 girls pretending to be lesbians.