Huell Howser completed 592 TV shows covering Californias rich cultural resources. Heres a list of things I think could keep the show going for a few more weeks. Please add to it!
  1. Los Angeles Municipal air raid sirens
    The City is dotted with several styles of defunct air-raid warning sirens from the '50s. They are unassuming and the world around them has developed while many of the rusting relics remain.
  2. LAX viewing vantages for aircraft enthusiasts
    A cult of folks who enjoy airport operations and aircraft photography have gathering spots around LAX. From Imperial, In-N-Out, and the Proud Bird restaurant, they can see different types of aircraft and the LAX ground operations at work.
  3. Alabama Hills
    Outside of Lone Pine and US395, the Alabama Hills were once the filming location for old "westerns". The unique rock shape and formations make this an interesting place to visit.
  4. American Apparel, clothing made in downtown LA
    Although a corporate clothing company with a douchey ex-CEO may be an unlikely candidate for "gold", manufacturing is dwindling in the US due to labor costs and I think it's neat that a major clothing brand has committed to creating products on a mass scale in DTLA. The actual operations are probably fascinating.
  5. San Francisco Fire Department
    From an outside perspective, SFFD has a look and vibe that seems historic. The fire boats have a proud history, the ladders are maintained by hand, and apparatus are fitted with actual bells reminiscent of the past. The City is built with high-density wooden row houses necessitating a large amount of apparatus and personnel, and they seem to have kept some old-school soul.
  6. Straight-up Death Valley, no flowers or floods
    The only Death Valley shows I saw were the wildflower and the uncommon flood you could kayak in. Death Valley is filled with super cool attractions like the race track, bad water, Devils golf course, the dunes, etc.
  7. Mt Whitney
    The hike to the highest peak in the lower 48 is gorgeous. From the top, you look down at Owen's Valley and Sequoia NP. Fighter Jets train in the area which is an added bonus.
  8. Domingo's Mexican food in Boron
    The small City (?) of Boron is located next to Edwards Air Force Base. A mix of military officers, pilots, astronauts, miners, off-roaders, and truckers stop through Boron for the great food. There is a huge amount of military and NASA paraphernalia inside that are gifts from visitors. When the space shuttle landed at Edwards AFB, the astronauts ate here.
  9. Hidden Harvest
    This non-profit in the Coachella Valley employs farm workers to glean the edible, leftover produce in the fields, then provides that food to the hungry. I have nothing to do with this organization -- I'm just amazed by how much produce would otherwise go unused.
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  10. Check out Tom Explores Los Angeles.
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