Our family is expecting a baby girl in a few weeks. My wife has has been a trooper with the diet recommendations but is ready to start eating!
  1. Bay Cities Salami Sandwich
    We've only been to Bay Cities once in the past 8 months. She likes salami (sandwiches) more than most adults
  2. Sushi
    Obvi. We'll be at Sugarfish or Canal Club pretty quick.
  3. salmon lox
    I'm not clear on why pregnant people can't eat this item, but she hasn't been. Salmon/bagel breakfast was a common one for her.
  4. Soy Chai latte frappucino
    What's more annoying than being with someone who orders this as their drink? Answer: someone ordering a decaf soy chai latte frappucino
  5. Poke
    Raw food plus big predator fish are both no-nos. we used to have poke night for dinner weekly. I'm looking forward to this one.
  6. Eggs over easy
    On toast, with avocado, on a sandwich, huevos rancheros.... She wants runny egg yolk on everything
  7. Hot dogs