Using list app is fun and growing in popularity. It's only a matter of time before multiple attempts to cash in on the idea start popping up.
  1. Facebook "lists" function
    They also might just buy List App instead
  2. Top Five social media app
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    It allows you to list and rank your top-five in anything you want! See other people's top five!
  3. Something on twitter
    I don't have Twitter or understand the point, but I'm sure there's some crossover potential
  4. Favorite restaurant foodie app
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    What if you could crowd-source the best restaurants from foodies like you in each city, all in one app!? You can, with Favorite Restaurant Foodie App! Yelp is so 2009
  5. News summary app
    I really like the @nytimes five-things lists and @npr explainers, it could be an app!