Bay Cities Italian Deli is well-known for their delicious sandwiches and charming Italian grocery. My folks and other visitors from not-SM often request subs for lunch when visiting. Since eating at Bay Cities can be crowded, we usually get our food to-go.
  1. The Annenberg Beach house
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    On a date early in our relationship, the wife and I got spicy Godmothers, jalapeño chips, orange cream soda and Aqua pana water, then ate it all by the awesome Art Deco Hearst pool. Our mouths were on fire. Side note: has anyone else noticed that the art installation/playground between the pool and guest house is giant nipple rings?
  2. Griffith Park Observatory
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    With my Mom, step-dad, and wifey. The grassy area with the statue at the entrance is a great little sit-down zone. I think it was a request from Mom on her birthday. Mom usually gets the same roast turkey/add salami that Kristi gets. Step-dad and I get Godmother, but Bob doesn't like spicy so he gets mild.
  3. Grand Park
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    Mom and step-dad. Right when it fist opened. Step-dad wasn't thrilled with driving in DTLA. Godmother. Orange soda. Spicy pepper salad.
  4. Malibu Wines
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    Have you ever been to this place? It's a good time. BYO-food with provided shade, music and... wine. I don't really know anything about wine or what the deal is, but my Mom, step-dad, and I celebrated my spouse's birthday here. It was fun. Before drinking wine I had an orange cream soda with a Godmother. Large. If you ever do this, bring as much table decoration as you want. We only had our bag with sandwiches and we clearly looked like amateurs.
  5. The picnic area at the Greek
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    The primo parking (lot D pictured here) at the Greek is well worth it. The non-hassley picnic situation is a pleasure. Spicy Godmother with salt and pepper chips, jalapeño chips, some sort of Belgian malty beer (not my usual choice). And wife, @justshibby , and @katielady08 . And Little Dragon.
  6. Tongva Park
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    Great park with plenty of eating areas if the space you originally had picked out is occupied by a sleeping person and all of their belongings. Also close to many SM attractions, including Bay Cities itself. Ate here with my better half and our sisters from other misters, Jen and Allegra. On a second occasion with Anthony and Yvette. Meatball sub. Orange soda. Salt and pepper kettle chips AND jalapeño chips. Both times.
  7. The Getty
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    You knew that was coming. With friends plus the wiferoo again. At the tables outside the cafe overlooking the garden. I got my typical godmother (spicy) and orange cream soda. I believe I got an espresso from the coffee cart to make sure I could pay attention to the culture afterward.
  8. Malibu Bluffs Park in front of Pepperdine
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    Originally planned to take Bay Cities subs to Point Dume, but that seemed like such a pain in the butt once we were passing this park with a great view and easy parking plus seating. Wife and I were headed to Ojai with another couple. Good spot. You can see Pt Dume from here so that idea didn't totally get ignored. Godmothers all around to make it easy. One with no cheese.
  9. Hollywood Bowl
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    Probably ate Bay Cities at the Hollywood Bowl with every person I know. My beautiful wife has def been there every time. Her go-to is roast turkey with hot peppers, no cheese, add salami. I can't remember what kind of salami. I think I choose one at random every time I order.
  10. The rooftop dining court at Santa Monica Place
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    Santa Monica Place has some decent food options, my favorite currently being Curious Palate. Don't even get me started on the decision to replace La Sandia with the Factory-which-shall-remain-nameless. SM Place also has great place-to-eat-food options. The seating has a view and you can get your mall shopping done after. Ate with life partner, friend, and friend's daughter. Small Godmother (to be healthy), salt and pepper chips (kids don't like spicy, so no jalepeno), orange cream soda.
  11. Planter next to Bay Cities Italian Deli
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    Sometimes after all of the logistics of ordering, getting there, paying, picking out sides, etc, it's just time to eat. We weren't alone on there.