We've had some inspiration over the years for future child names. Now we've got until mid April to figure one out
  1. Stanislaus
    There has been a Stanislaus in every generation of my Polish heritage in recorded history. Maybe our daughter can keep it going.
  2. Directo
    The Filipino middle name of a dear friend. It is a bad-ass name and I'd love to honor Jen
  3. Kristi Jr.
    My daughter's mom's name is Kristi. What a great way to have a legacy and honor a wonderful woman. I hope my daughter has her mother's intelligence, big heart, and great personality.
  4. Ernest Shackleton
    If we don't name our first child after her mother or Jen, it would be an honor to name her after one of the greatest leaders in history, Sir Ernest Shackleton. As a mariner, I admire the diligence, perseverance, and bravery of Shackleton. On his ill-fated voyage to Antarctica, he camped on ice floes, sailed a lifeboat in the Drake Passage through continuous gale+, and traversed an inhospitable island by foot. Not one crew member died and his years-long self-rescue is legendary. A proud name.
  5. Waverly- the meaning of the name Waverly is: From the quaking aspen tree meadow.
    Suggested by   @damnjen
  6. Madison - the name of Darryl Hannah's character in Splash. Let's combine Brian's love of the ocean with a Tom Hanks hit film.
    Suggested by   @damnjen
  7. Mika Lanich
    Suggested by   @damnjen