Because when you are moved to tears with uncontrollable laughter after one minute you know it's going to be a good episode.
  1. "I feel like you park in the handicap spot on Google Search." - DEAD. I need this on a mug. I'd buy it today, full price.
  2. So Jamie, I feel like Wylde would have been superior to Saint. They should have listened to you.
  3. "The storyline made sense." - Can this be on the other side of my mug?
  4. Gwen and Blake? Did you get that from the tabloids? 😂 I mean, I don't disagree... But it's on like three tabloids in the checkout lanes.
  5. Yes I think DiCaprio will get best actor this year. Good call.
  6. OMG Knox is totally right about Peyton Manning's forehead. Yikes. Maybe it's swollen brain from all the concussions.