When I'm depressed and overwhelmed with life nothing is better than Knox and Jamie arguing.
  1. Why do you hate Walking Dead, Knox?? What happened to you?
  2. I like how Jamie says douche canoe. No one else says that, Jamie.
  3. Also: KNOX. WHY do you hate Modern Family?! There are no words. Who hurt you as a child?
  4. At least we all agree on Lost.
  5. Basically I really want to go out for drinks with Jamie, but just like once. I think I'm too introverted to hang out with her too often.
  6. I feel like Knox's kids must be really snarky and that's awesome.
  7. I feel like Jamie's views on Harry Potter are unconscionable.
  8. Ditto for Knox's hate of CS Lewis.
  9. You know you've listened to too much Popcast when you tell your kid "let's go to bed!" in the same tone as Jamie says "let's do some lights!"
  10. Oh my GAWD. So much hate for Lily from Modern Family. Wow, Knox and Jamie, wow. She is hilarious and adorable.