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  1. Acceptance
    Wether you got into before or discovered it after, you probably loved the short lived LP phantoms. Don't listen to much music this genre but always wished these guys would crack out one more record
  2. New Radicals
    Greg Alexander just does it better than every other writer. 'You Get What You Give' was an instant classic and continues to prove its timelessness. I love every track on this album and wish for a second album above everything
  3. Banks
    This was my favorite record of 2014. I think it's pretty safe to say a second album will drop sometime soon, regardless, it's highly anticipated and I'll keep waiting for one until it's fruition
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  1. If you blow in it, you'll fix it
I realize that when it comes to basically anything, it's all opinion. That said, if there's one thing I dig more than anything, it's really good movies. And I think 2015 was full of them.
  1. Ex Machina
    Oscar Isaac has been trailblazing his space in the game for years now, but that dance scene was truly something else. He's become the one to beat for male drama actors and I see a lot of gold in the near future. He'll be snatching statues in no time.
  2. Knock Knock
    I know what you're thinking, second one down and this dude just tagged a Keanu Reeves movie that's not from the 80's... But seriously, let's think about this for a second. We all love films with gripping dialogue, so much so that the majority of the film can all take place in one location and not getting too taxing. This is that at full force. Try it.
  3. Stoker
    Remember that show Prison Break you binge watched on Netflix years after it aired and it was super awesome? Well the lead actor Wentworth Miller made his writing debut with Stoker and even better, it's directed by Chan-wook Park our favorite Old Boy mastermind.
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  1. Old people
  2. The glass sculptures at the contemporary art museum
  3. Your grandma's spoon collection
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