If you're a country boy, or an an aspiring country boy these fashion tips are for you. A true blue redneck dude wouldn't be seen without these items.
  1. First things first you're gonna need some camo. Everything a country boy loves to do requires camo! Hunting, finishing, mudding, going to Walmart, etc. if you're a country boy you gotta own some camo
  2. You can't be a country boy without supporting the country boy sport, nascar! You gotta show everyone how proud you are of the most redneck sport there is. car crashes and going fast, what could be a better combo!
  3. You need some sunglasses for your days spent in the river. But not just any old sunglasses, you need the sunglasses they sell specifically at truck stops. You know the ones that look like the epitome of an 80's cop show theme song. Robo lenses. Don't forget they have to be worn on top of your hat, now.
  4. Jeans, now everybody needs jeans but country boys need SPECIAL jeans. You gotta get you some wranglers, preferably from the 90's (they just don't make em like they used to). Straight leg, light wash, with no bend in em at all. Gotta be sharp enough to cut a fella with your knee cap for putting finger prints on your truck. (Displayed here by me)
  5. Flannel hoodie, now I don't know how this started. I like to think it's got something to do with lumberjacks but who cares. A flannel Fleece hoodie is in every country boys closet for the winter months, you can't be caught out here looking not ready to chop down some wood like these normal folks!! Warm and in style, redneck rtw 2kforever