I really just needed a reason to express my love for thugger
  1. He is effortlessly creative
    Young thug exists in a time where every rapper tries so hard to be something, anything at all. Young thug doesn't "try" he just does. Young thug is naturally talented and imaginative in a way few others can fully conceptualize.
  2. Young thug exists blindly
    In a world where so many tailor their existence to be easily digested by those around us young thug exists blindly. Never humbling himself or altering his natural way to suit someone's vision of him.
  3. He doesn't give a fuck
    Everyone says "I don't care what people think of me" but few people really mean it. Young thug calls his male friend bae, wears women's jeans, wears dresses. Not being scared to be belittled or demeaned for these things. He does exactly what he wants to do in spite of the reaction of the world around him.
  4. Transcends boundaries
    Elton John consigned young thug. Can you say this for any other "hood" rappers? Young thug has a grasp on sound that no one else has. He is so special and is not scared to go outside of himself to create something new.
  5. Literally, a musical genius
    Although many try (and fail) young thug has managed to figure out how to use his voice as an instrument. He creates complex melodies within production using only inflections, pronunciation, Adlibs, and it's effortless. He fills in holes in the production and creates a brand new melody on top of one that's already there and somehow it fits perfectly without sounding muddy or messy.
  6. He's from a different planet
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    Young thug is just so special and it's going to take years for the world to realize just how special. Young thug operates on a level of existence that just isn't tapped into for the majority of people on this planet. The way he communicates and interacts with the world around him is so fluid and natural but still otherworldly. Basically, *young thug voice* he's not from this earth, he's from the other one.