1. People who wear backpacks on their stomachs
  2. Anyone in a cab when I need one
  3. People with washer/dryers in their apartments
  4. People who look like unsuspecting lost folk but then try to get you to come to their hair salons or give to a charity when you stop to help
  5. Underground eaters
  6. Anyone eating a leisurely lunch in the west village on a weekday
  7. Slow walkers
  8. Aggressively fast walkers
  9. anyone in or near Times Square
  10. Anyone in or near penn station
  11. People with dogs.
  12. People having loud phone conversations while in the nail salon. Or anywhere else.
    Suggested by @erinlbaber
  13. People that block the subway doors when others are trying to get in or out!
    Suggested by @erinlbaber