In no particular order. Based solely on my memory and without any guarantee that the plot, character names or resolutions are accurate.
  1. The Jennifer love Hewitt episode. Hands down the best episode of the series. Potentially the best hour in television history
  2. The Brandi episode.
  3. The one where the over-eager lab technician turns out to be the killer and holds Olivia hostage
  4. The one where Ice T suddenly reveals himself as the utmost expert in underground sex circles amongst black men, referred to as "the down low"
  5. The one where Trey Mcdougal is some type of doctor or expert on sociopathic children and the episode concludes with a child sociopath shooting him on the courthouse steps
  6. THE ONE WHERE OLIVIA GOES UNDERCOVER IN A WOMEN'S PRISON. can't believe it took me so long to get to that one
  7. The one where that 90s actor from scream is his creepy mom's butler or servant and seems to make her martinis all day. I can't remember who was killed or why but spoiler alert - he sleeps with his mom and he did it.
  8. When we found out that Ludacris is Ice T's son (!)
  9. The one where Olivia's date is interrupted by a breaking case and she has to talk on a phone for like 73 hours to a young Spanish girl who was captured and held in a room with a garden painted on the wall.
  10. Still going on the above - They eventually crack the case because the girl says her captor wears glasses and eats fast food and apparently there's only one person in NY who does that. they find the girl buried in the dirt....but she's alive
  11. The one where Eliot's strange astronaut mentor (?) who he named his son Dickie after comes back and turns out to be a murderer
  12. The one where the family has an adopted daughter and they make her get plastic surgery and dye her hair to look like their first daughter who passed away. Again, not sure what the crime was here.