⚠ A Public Message To The List App Team From Top Babes Lists ⚠

And all list app users.
  1. Hey Li.st Team I think you guys made a mistake.
  2. I was using my account Top Babes Lists on the Li.st app yesterday.
    There were a few users who didn't like my page.
  3. However, I abided by the rules.
  4. My account is now disabled...
    as I believe you guys terminated it because of a report or two. I don't think it is fair as a company to terminate accounts, and act in bias towards simple complaints from users.
  5. At a certain level of scale, equal and fair use is important for any app.
    Instagram, doesn't let the influence of users cloud their business judgment. As much as they hate model pages, babe pages etc,..if they refrain from showing nudity; they are following the guidelines. Same with Twitter. And any other successful social media app.
  6. I think you guys should instill the same kind of professionalism.
  7. The point is...everyone won't like Top Babes Lists.
    Just like everyone wouldn't like a Donald Trump advocacy page. Or a pro-abortion page. But as many other list users(who support fair and equal use) said yesterday, we abided by the rules...
  8. So we deserve to have a spot.
  9. I'm not asking you guys to reinstate my account.
    I already made a new one. With the same name.
  10. I'm asking you guys to embrace equality and fairness, which I'm sure BJ Novak instilled in the company when he founded it.