Tips for hawt ladiez going on d8z
  1. if he doesn't take you to a diner, drive-in or dive, tell him you are Fieri uncomfortable with his choice of d8 nite venue
  2. get a tattoo of him the day b4 your d8 then get it removed the day after, so he knows that you're terrified of commitment 2
  3. warn him if it's that time of the don't want him to be startled when you turn into a werewolf at night fall
  4. bring your PSAT scores so if he asks if you've been tested you can show him you're smart but not TOO smart
  5. if you pee in his apartment leave the toilet seat up after so he knows you didn't poop and is impressed you can pee standing up
  6. have a personalized toothbrush with his name on it in your apartment - when he freaks out say, "don't worry - my mom sent it"
  7. every time you agree with him - don't say totally - say "totes" and point emphatically to your quirky tote bag