It's on Netflix
  1. Animals are sentient and Adam Sandler can communicate with them.
  2. Drew Barrymore is stuck inside a continuous time-loop
    Misperceptions of time and space drive the plot.
  3. Everyone's accent is untraceable.
    In the future, everyone will be from Georgia and Boston and Echo Park at the same time.
  4. Gender is fluid
    Sometimes Alexa is man. Sometimes Alexa is woman.
  5. There's a scene where a 50-something father listens to Flaming Lips.
    That's not real life. My dad listens to Boston exclusively.
  6. Drew Barrymore reads Tom Robbins
    Still Life With Woodpecker (takes place in Maui).
  7. The fashion seems to be mesh and those sporty sunglasses that Sandler wears.
    Totally cyber punk.
  8. Bruce Willis is a ghost.
    (Common in every universe)
  9. Drew Barrymore beats men w archaic weapons
    Katniss got nothing on this
  10. This movie happens within a complete universe
    Dan Akroyd and The Callahan Insitute connect 50 First with Tommy Boy.
  11. Pet Sounds is totally apocalyptic.
    Just is.
  12. 7th layer of Hell
    There is a room somewhere on Oahu that houses a thousand portraits of Adam Sandler's likeness. Fuck.