Aka my life as an un-foodie. There is certainly more to be included here but these were sitting in my brain today.
  1. Find the old rose garden by the zoo
    Bonus points for spotting the Dolly Parton rose (hint: it's the biggest one). Better than the zoo.
  2. Visit Zen Dog on a full moon
    A Victorian mansion with a hundred Chinese lanterns hanging in the yard; will offer you a handful of his favorite rare teas.
  3. Ride a bike along the Burke Gilman trail
    Count the seals you see at the Ballard locks, count the weird Seattle sun-tans on the volleyball courts at Golden Gardens, find the Lenin statue, count the dwindling number of fixed-gear mustaches. Counting is fun!
  4. Climb the water tower in Volunteer Park
    What views! What heights! Extra points for bringing booze, cigarettes, and unrealized angst.
  5. See Cheap Wine and Poetry at the Hugo House
    Literary hub of Seattle. See also Cheap Beer and Prose, if you swing that way.
  6. Take the Klondike Gold Rush tour in Pioneer Square
    All the drama of 1897 laid out before your very eyes!
  7. Walk the markets
    There's a beautiful farmer's and/or craft market happening in a Seattle neighborhood any day of the week. The Puget Sound is a verdant basket of green things. My cup runneth over.
  8. Throw small rocks at people in fedoras, recent transplant Amazon workers from Texas, etc.
    Some of my best friends are Texans.